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How to order?
How to order?

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Easy Language Center
Translation agency and Language school

Easy Language Center, is a team of highly professional translators and language teachers who possess many years of experience in translation and teaching children, teenagers and adults.
We specialize in: Polish, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. We are located in Opole but we do business with people from all over the world thanks to the Internet. We use SKYPE, GG and e-mail: in order to teach, translate and communicate with our clients and business partners, even those who are far away or are unable to leave their home or office (the handicapped, mothers with babies, and businesspeople extremely busy with their work and many others).

  skype: magdalena.jasiurska

Traslation - Fast, Cheap and Professional!

Szkoła językowa OpoleEasy Language Center is also a language school. We give private lessons and organise language courses in Opole. The website of Easy Language Center in Opole contains details concerning LANGUAGE COURSES.

The Translation Agency Easy Language Center in Opole co-operates with the Chief Technical Organization (NOT) in the scope of technical translation into English and French.

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How to order?

•    tel. kom. + 48 515 100 464
•    tel. +48 77 551 11 02
•    skype: magdalena.jasiurska
•    Gadu gadu: 23566195

Translation agency in

Magdalena Jasiurska

Opole, woj. opolskie
45-401 Opole, ul. Bielska 57 m 6