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How to order?

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Ms Magdalena Jasiurska (Easy Language Center), M.A. in English and French, translated the scientific text: Linguistic aspects of Polish – German – Silesian relations in the example of Opole district from Polish into English. The translation is professional, exact and accurate. The author’s style and the scientific character of the article were reflected. The translation was  performed on time and it did not require any corrections. In my view Ms Jasiurska is a professional translator, worth to be recommended

Anna K
Opole University

Carina Silicones Sp. z o. o. (limited liability company) has been co-operating with Easy Language Center (Firma szkoleniowo-tłumaczeniową ELC Magdalena Jasiurska) in the scope of technical translations, trade documents, commercial contracts, letters for several years. This co-operation is very good, translation is always accurate, professional and on time. Carina Silicones Sp. z o. o. (limited liability company) ordered mainly translations from Polish into English and from English into Polish.
The translated documents include: technical documentation, technical data sheets of construction chemistry products, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), commercial contracts and letters. Easy Language Center (Firma szkoleniowo-tłumaczeniową ELC Magdalena Jasiurska) organized and performed a language training of Carina Silicones Sp. z o. o. (limited liability company) employees in English (using Callan method and Business English). The ordering company and the trained employees are very pleased with the training results.


Carina Silicones Sp. z o.o.

Ms Magdalena Jasiurska (Easy Language Center)  has been co-operating with the Center of Language Services “ALBION” (Centrum Usług Językowych „ALBION”) as English and French translator since 2008.
She has been translating documents for power plants in Poland and for the French company EDF, she also translated contracts (among others commercial, real estate sale and purchase contracts), tender documents, memos, protocols for the Management Board and for the Supervisory Board, job descriptions, instructions, presentations, websites, texts connected with environment protection and many others.
All translations were made in a professional, accurate way and always on time. Ms Jasiurska is willing to share her rich professional knowledge and experience with other employees.
The moral and esthetic side of translations is perfect.

the Managers

I have been co-operating with Easy Language Center (Firma szkoleniowo-tłumaczeniową ELC Magdalena Jasiurska) in the scope of translation from English into Polish and from Polish into English for several years.

The translated texts are usually difficult because they concern narrow and specialist domains of technology and finance. The translations are always made by Ms Jasiurska with proper accuracy and they perfectly meet the formal and substantial requirements.

What is more, the co-operation has been good, translations have been made on time and accurately.

I think that Ms Magdalena Jasiurska is a business partner in translation worth being recommended even in the case of particularly difficult and demanding translation projects.  

Aleksandra K

I am grateful for the help and translation work which is a great art even more difficult than writing poems! Ms Jasiurska is the best French translator! I strongly recommend her as a translator! See an extract of her translation work proving her talent:

Joanna J

Ms Magdalena Jasiurska representing the company Easy Language Center (ELC) has been working for us translating websites.
We are very satisfied with the co-operation with the Easy Language Center (ELC) and Ms Jasiurska. All texts are always translated on time or even before the given deadline. Texts are properly formatted and there are no problems with using them even by people not knowing a given foreign language.
I strongly recommend the Easy Language Center (ELC) as a translating company and a business partner in translation. We are sure that our co-operation with ELC will last for a long time.

Radosław M

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